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I began belly dancing in 2009 in an effort to love my body more. It worked. Since that first uneasy class, I have come to love and appreciate myself for all of my abilities, and have learned to celebrate rather than berate my body.
In 2010, I discovered ATS® for myself and have never looked back. I’m a passionate dancer with a thirst to learn and was a dedicated student of Brandi McGunigal’s from 2011-2015; now, we dance in a troupe together! I’m a founding member of TriDevi Tribal, a social ATS® troupe that is known for its unique style and fun, thematic performances. Together, TriDevi has traveled to California and Vancouver to take intensive ATS® workshops from the masters and creators of this form. TriDevi Tribal were proud hosts of world renowned artist Devi Mamak in 2015, right here in Edmonton, Canada.
In January 2015, I traveled with my five favourite sisters to San Francisco to attend workshops in the first annual ATS® Homecoming. While there, I also earned my ATS® teaching certification and Sister Studio status, which brings us to the here and now!
Come and take ATS® with me and members of TriDevi Tribal. We have great and fun attitudes and promote the sisterhood that is the embodiment of ATS®. I think you will fall in love with ATS® and appreciate your body for all its wonderful abilities.
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American Tribal Style®


Bedouin Beats


General Skills 2012, Vancouver, B.C, Canada. Teacher Training, 2015. Burlinghame, CA. Many ATS® workshops in between.