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Anna Sollini




Mallorca, Spain





General Skills Certified – Gothenberg, Sweden, 2012, Teacher Training Certified – Essex, UK, 2014

Annas love affair with FCBD® Style dance started in 2010 when she started taking classes with her local Instructor, Beatrice Flowers. She then went on to attend various workshops with Philippa Moirai, Kristine Adams and Deana Lawman and many more UK established/visiting FCBD® teachers whenever possible.

A member of Nottingham Tribal Bellydance/Koyuki Tribal UK 2012-2015, Anna moved to Mallorca, Spain in 2015 and formed Dahlia Tribal in March 2016.

Dahlia Tribal are Mallorcas professional FCBD® Style troupe and perform at events and festivals all over Mallorca and Mainland Spain, they are renowned for their love of the dance and experimenting with steps and mastering dancing with props such as tambourine, basket, fan and sword.

Anna has continued to teach classes and workshops in person and online since becoming a Certified Studio Instructor in 2014.

She currently specializes in teaching ATS® Single and Double Sword, having much experience teaching Sword Dialect, at events, such as the ATS® Residential UK in (2014 & 2015). She started teaching Single Sword dance dialect after studying the Davina Tribal Collective’s DVD – ATS® with an Edge in 2013. She has since gone on to study with Melody Bustillos since the release of her Single and Double Sword Instruction DVD, Any way You Slice it, and now is an established European Instructor of FCBD® Single and Double Sword style, with weekly online classes and monthly workshops.

If you would like to know more about Anna Sollini, or get in touch with her or her troupe, Dahlia Tribal, please email her at or find her or Dahlia Tribal on Facebook.



Palma De Mallorca (Originally Nottingham, UK)



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Dance Styles

FCBD® Original steps (Vol 1-9) Props, and Single and Double Sword dialects.


Certified Studio of FCBD® Style dance since 2014, currently based in Mallorca