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Cat Ellen is a FatChanceBellyDance® Sister Studio, an American Tribal Style® (ATS®) bellydance certified instructor. CaySwann Dance is her virtual studio for instruction and performance.

Cat’s primary goal is to bring a fun and personally fulfilling bellydance experience to as many people as possible, both fellow dancers and audience members alike. Beyond the dance vocabulary of movement, formations, cues, and flow, Cat hopes to empower dancers to embrace movement without shame, fitness for all sizes, and the joy and beauty in the community we build in which our job is to make everyone look good.

There are two key philosophies that Cat brings to her instruction. The first concept is “No Pressure, No Shame.” One reason she loves ATS so much is that it can be extremely inclusive of all ages, shapes, sizes, and abilities. Secondly, each of us has “This Body on This Day.” If you need to miss a class, that’s okay. There’s no shame in that. Perhaps your car broke down, or you got stuck in traffic, or you caught a cold, or a loved one needs you. No Shame. And there’s no point in stressing out that you no longer have the body of your youth, or you’re recovering from surgery, or you are battling exhaustion or other ailments. You have this body on this day, so what do you plan to do with your body? You’ll be encouraged to move within the best abilities of your body on this day. And hopefully you can have fun while doing so.


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General Skills April 2013, Teacher Training October 2014, SSCE January 2016

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