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I’m a spanish ATS® dancer, teacher and since June 2016 FatChanceBellydance® sister studio based in Madrid.

I’ve discovered the beautiful dance ATS® on 2010 when I’ve moved to Paris and I’ve met Julie, Paris FatChanceBellyDance® Sister studio, with who I took regular classes of tribal ATS® during my Parisian stay. On 2013 I came back to Madrid where I continued my ATS® training with Ilhaam, the first Sister Studio in Madrid.

I’ve also been lucky enough to do my first improvisation ATS® steps with Deviant Sisters Company in Paris, and then, in Madrid, I’ve met a very special dancer, Marieta, with who we’ve created a dance group called Hamsasya where we try to clean and practice a lot our technique and with who we have several dance projects where ATS® takes a big place on them.

My passion of this dance brought me to took as much as possible workshops with different masters during festivals as “Estivales Tribales ATS®” in Paris, Tribal Roots in Toulouse, Festribal in Barcelona, weekend with Kristine Adams in Madrid and of course GS and TT week in Barcelona… And to be continued ????

I’m a passionate dancer with so much hungry to learn. My students are the best masters for me, I love to dance with them and see how they enjoy and improve. I learn so much things thanks to them.

Hope to cross you in my dance journey !


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ATS® , tribal fusion


Madrid, Spain


GS and TT; June 2016 in Barcelona| SSCE recertification 2017

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