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Colleen Geake

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Alberta, Canada


T9A 1X1



Colleen’s dance journey began in 2010 when she saw an ATS(R) performance for the first time and was immediately drawn in by the costumes, the tribal music, and the beauty and strength of group improvisation.  She immediately signed up for classes under Brandi McGunigal and has been a dedicated student of ATS(R) ever since.  Colleen was thrilled to meet other like-minded (AKA- obsessed) dancers in these classes, and was invited to help form TriDevi Tribal in 2011.  Colleen completed General Skills in Vancouver, B.C. in the summer of 2013 and went on to earn her Sister Studio status after completing Teacher Training in San Francisco in 2015.  Colleen constantly seeks to improve her dance by taking classes and workshops from Fat Chance Bellydance instructors whenever possible, (including workshops with Sandi Ball, Devi Mamak, and Deanna Padron Freeman) and has attended every ATS(R) Homecoming since it began.  Colleen has also had the privilege of taking workshops and intensives with Carolena at Tribal Fest in 2012, Cues and Tattoos in 2013, and attended ATS(R) Volume 9 in Kansas City in 2016.  Colleen has also expanded her opportunity to try other types of dance including Basic Black certification with Audra  Simmons in 2017 and Turkish Roman and Egyptian dance workshops in 2017 with Elizabeth Strong and Dan Cantrell.  Colleen is thankful for the new friendships with people around the world that ATS(R) has made possible!  She is available for private and group lessons in Central Alberta and Edmonton area, and co-teaches ATS(R) classes regularly at Bedouin Beats in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.