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Dayl fell in love with ATS (American Tribal Style) belly dance during her first class in January 1999. She appeared on stage with her troupe for the first time in April 1999 and has been performing and teaching ever since.  Dayl has performed with several professional troupes in Oklahoma (Gypsy Fire), Texas (Tribal Evolution) and Sydney (Urban Turban, Urban Qabila, Tribal Spirit), and has studied in the USA and Australia, taking classes from Carolena Nericcio and Megha Gavin ( Fat Chance Belly Dance), Jill Parker ( Ultra Gypsy), Heather Stants ( Urban Tribal Dance Company), Melusina  ( Underbelly), Rachel Brice ( Indigo ), Sue Erokan (Clandestine) , Morrocco, Devi Mamak ( Ghawazi Caravan) and Hilary Cinis ( Sydney Tribal Bellydance ).  Dayl incorporates zills, sword,  veil, flags, fire fingers, poi/ fire poi, and fire lotuses in her performances, classes and workshops.  She also facilitates mask making workshops working with dance related themes.   

Dayl’s passion for tribal belly dance extends to the love of community, bringing people together to move and dance the same “language”. She believes that creativity is a vehicle for good health, and what better way than to express it than through the art of dance! Dayl creates a great space in which to learn, injecting humor and encouragement in the class environment whilst catering for all learning styles.

Dayl’s completion of “ATS Teacher Training” in 2016 and a recent trip to Morocco inspired her to create “Sahara Spirit”, a FCBD Sister Studio troupe. Dayl is working on building an ATS community on Oahu, Hawaii in which women and men are invited to connect with others, dance, create and inspire one another through this beautiful art form.    

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General Skills 2014, Teacher Training 2016

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