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Devi Mamak has studied a variety of different dance forms her whole life. She started folkloric belly dance with her first belly dance teacher Kaiya Seaton in 1996 and has been studying ATS(r) with Carolena since 1999. At this point Devi fell in love with ATS(r) and dedicated herself to learning as much as she could. She started one of the first Australian ATS(r) troupes in 2000, Ghawazi Caravan. Devi and Ghawazi Caravan still regularly teach and perform ATS(r) and other styles of dance both locally and around the globe. Devi has been assistant teacher for GS with Carolena several times and has presented several of their movement dialect steps in the FCBD(r) DVD Vol 9 Anatomy of a step.

Devi is known world wide for her thorough and approachable teaching style and graceful stage presence. Devi still loves to be a student and feels you can never stop learning. Devi is also a classically trained piano teacher and composer, mother of 2 and enjoys the beach, reading, gardening and time with friends on her days off.

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ATS(r), Ghawazi Caravan movment dialect, Folkloric belly dance , Rajasthani, Flamenco Fusion, Indian Fusion, Tribal Fusion