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 Halima Sagira (affectionately known as ‘Ferret’ to her peers) started dancing in 2009 studying Egyptian, Turkish,  & cabaret with Fulya. 

After a year of dancing, at a local Hafla, Halima Sagira saw tribal dancers for the first time and was completely mesmerized. She immediately sort out teachers in Tribal style and even continued her studies in ATS whilst living in New Zealand.

Fast forward a good few years and now she is a certified Sister Studio for FatChanceBellyDance® American Tribal Style® and she teaches ATS® workshops in Sheffield and around the UK. Tsukiko Tribal is the ATS® Troupe Halima Sagira created so she could share her love for this dance form with other dancers. 

Ferret believes that dance is a healer and that we should always treat each other with love and understanding…. and never ever stop learning.