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If you are in the UK and fancy coming down to Devon to join in my classes or events you’ll get a very warm welcome.

Or, I could come and visit you, absolutely anywhere in the world.

Either way just get in touch and together we will make things happen

About me

Kelley is known for her inclusive, approachable teaching style often structuring her workshops holistically around a theme or concept. Her innate ability to break things down and simplify the most difficult steps and ideas has earned her a reputation as a thorough and knowledgeable teacher.
In 2008 she launched her Oasis workshops, a regular event in the UK tribal calendar and much loved by ATS® students, teachers and Sister Studios.
Here, as a self-confessed ATS® ‘geek’, she can delve into the intricacies of group dynamics, communication/interaction, connectivity and confident performance – in other words delivering our dance – from dramatic entrance to rapturous applause.

Kelley’s passion radiates through her classes and workshops both at home and abroad,  and when performing with her troupes, Kalash Tribal and Oasis Tribal, she knows there is something magical and empowering about ATS®.
When Kelley discovered ATS® she fell in love with this eclectic dance and ‘found’ herself. The cultural roots, rhythms and music together with the camaraderie, costumes and jewellery encompass her love of all things tribal – the people, cultures and history.
Based in SW England she regularly travels to the ‘mothership’ and worldwide to train with the master ATS® teachers and has attended and performed at Homecoming in the instructor showcase and with her special ensemble ‘Troupe Britannia’.

In 2010 she became a Sister Studio and then a Tribal Pura International Sister Studio Continuing Education Instructor, graduating from Advanced Teacher Training in June 2015 and is honoured to have been invited to teach both General Skills and Teacher Training alongside Carolena and Megha in 2016 and to assist in 2017. Kelley is currently working with Carolena Nericcio on their Sister to Sister projects empowering women in the Democratic Republic of Congo.


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