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Dana Dachel

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Eau Claire and surrounding Chippewa Valley









Owner, Director, Instructor of Lasa Anahata Tribal, a collective of four Sister Studio instructors,

Dana Dachel creates opportunities for American Tribal Style® dance

to fit on everyone who walks into class; opening your heart to love yourself and dance.

Teaching ATS® Belly Dance since December 2013
ATS® General Skills Certified – April 2013
ATS® Teacher Training 1 & 2 – October 2014
Fat Chance Belly Dance® Sister Studio since October 2014
“By casual invite of a friend, I had no idea what opportunity lay ahead of me when I entered my first ATS® level 1 class. This was the perfect time in my life to embrace this dance and all it has to offer. While raising two young children, establishing a more than full time career, and coaching my daughter’s softball team, a little ‘me time’ was the release I needed. At first, I hoped for stress relief, but then I realized I am gaining so much more: sisterhood, exercise, food for my soul, and international connections I never anticipated in my life. The perfectionist in me almost quit; in the end, after significant self-reflection, I realized this was exactly the balance I needed! With my husband’s full support, I’ve discovered parts of my life that will always be with me! A BONUS is connecting with my daughter in new ways and watching her explore a connection to other girls and women through ATS® that has the opportunity to blossom into so much more. “
ATS® dance journey began 2011