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My name is María Isabel Sánchez. My artistic name is Samira. I’m from Bogotá (Colombia), I’m 34 years old and I graduated from the Social Communication career at Pontificia Universidad Javeriana. I had been practiced BellyDance almost 10 years ago and I got to know Tribal dance shortly after starting my Bellydance classes. I started my training in Tribal Dance with Tribal Fusion and some of the ITS formats.

In 2009 I formed with my partner, Martha Navarrete, the group Black Mamba Tribe in which we are interested in learning more about the roots of the style, that is, the American Tribal Style (ATS) and its creator, Carolena Nericcio. So we started to investigate on our own, to read and watch videos online, to acquire the DVDs and to seek, afterwards, the opportunity to prepare with Carolena, a dream that we finally achieved in 2012, in Mexico City at the Tribal Festival International.

Throughout these years we have continued our general preparation in dance with different teachers of BellyDance and Tribal Fusion, and ATS proper we have taken some workshops with founders and current members of FatChanceBellydance (Kathy Stahlman and Kristine Adams), among others. We have continued our study of DVDs (from 1 to 9) and when it has been possible we have taken classes via Skype with Carolena. Currently, we have our own dance studio, we are the organizers of the dance festival “Más Tribal para Bogotá” and we are teachers at academies and universities in Bogotá.