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Rita Simon

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Rita Simon has had a passion for music since she was a small child. She is a vocal and instrumental musician, and performs and listens to a wide, eclectic range of music. Dance, which she sees as the embodiment of music in her life, has added the physical element to her musical passion.  Rita is a “senior” dancer who found JOY in ATS® belly dance in her first class in 2007, and she has not looked back!  Since then, she has devoted herself to learning this JOYful, powerful dance and teaching it to women of all ages. Rita’s passion for music and her broad range of musical skills are woven into her belly dance instruction and dance performances. She will get you to ‘feel the beat’ and ‘move your feet’ (and hips) to lots of amazing world music! Come and grab the JOY!


Rita was a co-founder and troupe member of Sofia Tribal ATS® belly dance troupe (2009-2013), and was co-owner/director/instructor of Sofia Spirit Studio in Eau Claire, WI (2010-2013). She was owner/director/instructor of Spirit Horse Dance Company in Chippewa Falls, WI from  2013 until late 2016 when she merged with Lasa Anahata Tribal, Eau Claire, WI as a troupe member and instructor.


Rita has been teaching as a certified Fat Chance Belly Dance® Sister Studio® since 2010. She takes workshops in ATS® every year to learn new, exciting things and to continue to tweak her dance skills.

ATS ® General Skills Certified – September 2009, September 2011, and May 2012
ATS® Teacher Training 1 & 2 – November 2010
ATS® Teacher Training 2 – May 2012