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I started belly dance classes over 10 years ago and kept one going to classes when my teacher started teaching ATS.  It wasn’t a style I knew, I just wanted to keep on dancing.  I really enjoyed the dance, the increased togetherness it created in my eyes, the improvisation in it, as I struggled to remember choreography, and the costuming which I felt much more comfortable in. When some years later I moved and there was no ATS class in my new town several people suggested I teach.  I was rather uncertain but the opportunity to do so landed on my lap so I followed the Universe and went with the flow…  This was around the time that registration for General Skills and Teacher Training in Essex was coming up.  So off I went…  I completed GS and TT in June 2014 and became a Sister Studio the same year.  I’ve moved twice since.  I am now settled and finally have a lovely class running in York.  I also teach regular workshops in Guiseley.

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Fat Chance Belly Dance – American Tribal Style


Karuna Tribal Bellydance


FCBD GS & TT, FCBD ATS workshops with Kelley Beeston, Deana Lawman, Phillipa Moirai, Kristine Adams, Angela Noble, Kae Montgomery, classes with Pedralta. Attended various other styles of tribal and dance workshops with Alexis Southall, Hilde Cannoodt, Deirdre McDonald, Sharon Kihara, Samantha Emanuel, and more…