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Alice Shantala is a multifaceted dancer appreciated for her eclecticism and her expressiveness. Hard-working and passionate, she’s devoted to Tribal (Fusion and ATS®) since 2008. Since then, she continues to study intensively with the best teachers chasing them for Italy, Europe and the United States. She certified Level 1 in Suhaila Salimpour method in 2010, Dancecraft Key of Diamonds with Zoe Jakes in 2015 and GS&TT with FCBD® in 2016. In ongoing research and growth, she recently expanded her body language with contemporary dance, completing her previous experience of ballet, modern, jazz and bellydance. With her dance, she loves to tell the stories of humanity and humans, creating sensations with lines and shapes. Teacher from 2010, she is recognized for her generosity in sharing her passion, the intense physical preparation, extreme attention paid to the proper working of muscle memory of each student and custom work, that make the experience of her courses and workshops extremely educational and fun.
She does not strive for pure perfection or recognition, she strives for Art.
Her motto: “Is not the body, but the spirit that dance”


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